Aged Care Melbourne


When parents and grandparents age, the family might not be able to take care of them in the way they need. Family members may have jobs or busy lives, or they might not live nearby. When a decision needs to be made about the care of an elderly family member, aged care services might be a solution. of. Aged care services can be provided just about anywhere in the Melbourne area.


If the elderly do not want to go to a nursing home or assisted living facility, aged care can be the perfect solution. Nursing assistants or personal care assistants can go to their homes and provide basic care.  


The initial visit is usually done by a professional nursing manager. The client’s needs and medical condition (like allergies, diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s etc.) will be fully discussed. A tour of the home will be taken so that we have a better understanding of the client’s living environment.   


Care can be provided during the day and night 24 hours 7 days. Nursing assistants can help with cooking, feeding, bathing and light cleaning. Sometimes, families only need someone to sit with their family members to accompany and monitor them during the day. If there is any emergency while the assistant is at the home, a doctor or emergency personnel would be called for medical instruction. 



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